The Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), a nonpartisan initiative housed at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, develops comprehensive strategies to deter, defend against, and raise the costs on autocratic efforts to undermine and interfere in democratic institutions. ASD has staff in Washington, D.C., and Brussels, bringing together experts on disinformation, malign finance, emerging technologies, elections integrity, economic coercion, and cybersecurity, as well as Russia, China, and the Middle East, to collaborate across traditional stovepipes and develop cross-cutting frameworks.

We must not lose sight of the fundamental strength of our free and open societies. By shining a light on autocratic tactics, closing vulnerabilities in democratic systems, and imposing costs on those who seek to undermine our institutions, ASD is helping to support democratic values. Working with policymakers, the private sector, and civil society, we advance innovative thinking to better understand and counter threats to democracies worldwide, share lessons learned, and develop strategies that go beyond the standard policy toolbox. Doing so not only strengthens the resilience of our democracies but is a reaffirmation of the democratic experiment.

The Bren­nan Center for Justice is an inde­pend­ent, nonpar­tisan law and policy organ­iz­a­tion that works to reform, revital­ize, and when neces­sary, defend our coun­try’s systems of demo­cracy and justice.

Today, we are in a great fight for the future of consti­tu­tional demo­cracy in the United States. We are commit­ted to the rule of law. We work to craft and advance a trans­form­at­ive reform agenda — solu­tions that aim to make Amer­ican demo­cracy work for all.